International Transactions

AFM Services assist its clients with their International and private banking transactions. Once you have established your offshore account with one of our local Banks within the Federation of St. Christopher & Nevis, we will facilitate you with your deposits and withdrawals from your account. We will also provide you with the wire transfer instructions so that you may make your own direct transfers to or from your account.

Should you need to conduct International Banking we can also arrange your direct wire transfers to wherever you wish make transfers.

Wire transfers can be used to pay bills, purchase property and for very simply maintaining personal accounts

International Portfolio Management

Secured Visa Cards

All Banks within the Federation of St. Christopher and Nevis offer to their customers secured visa cards. The procedure is very simple, you obtain up to 80% of your fixed deposit on your credit card. the credit card offered is the visa card, and is issued by the Caribbean Credit Card Corporation.

The Caribbean Credit Card Corporation manages your credit and will indicate on your monthly statement, the minimum payment due. Therefore it is your responsibility to ensure that your account at the Bank has adequate funds available to meet your minimum monthly payment.

Interest rate on your fixed deposit will be on average between 2-3% per annum.

AFM Services can procure your visa card in a timely and efficient manner.